Q.  What kind of lodging do you have?

A.  At the resort, we have both cabin as well as motel style units. 

  What is in the rooms?

A.  The cabin style units at the resort have a variety of beds and kitchenettes that can sleep 2 - 16 (depending on what's availible).  The motel style units at the resort have pine log beds in twin, double, and queen size (2 doubles or 1 queen & twin per room) with microwave, coffee pot, and small fridge.  All rooms have heating/airconditioning as well as color cable televisions.

Q.  Are there coffee pots in the rooms?

A. Yes, we have coffee pots in all the rooms and provide one packet of coffee each day.  If you need a lot of coffee toget you going, you should bring some automatic drip coffee with you.

Q.  What do I need to bring?

A.  For the room; extra pots, pans, and coffee.  For fishing: you'll need to bring an ice chest, minnow bucket and/or cricket box.  For hunting: enough clothes to dress in layers, water proof boots, orange vest and hat for deer, your prefered type of weapon and ammunition.

Q.  Do you allow pets?

A.  Due to allergens, we only allow pets in a few rooms at our location\.

Q.  Do you furnish pots and pans in the rooms with the kitchens?

A.  We try to keep the basics in the cabins and rooms with kitchens.

 Q.  What days do your packages start on?

A.  The 4 day packages start on Sunday and the 3 day packages start on Thursday. 

Q.  What kind of boats do you have?

A.  We provide 16' long - 48" bottom jon boats.  They have padded swivel seats (2 - 3 per boat) and they have 8hp outboard motors.  Sorry, no live wells.

Q.  Do you have trolling motors and depth finders?

A.  We do have trolling motors for rent at $30/day, but we do not have depth finders.  If you decide to bring a trolling motor, please also bring your battery, charger, and a long extension cord.

Q.  When is the best time to come fishing?

A.  Well that depends, for big crappie the best time is from October thru March.  For a lot of crappie, try mid-march thru the end of May.  Bass are generally good from March thru November, the best time is in May and June.  Bluegill like it warm, April thru September, May and June are best.  Catfish do well in summer months with trot lines, yo-yo's and rod & reel.

Q.  What is the average size of the fish?

A.  Crappie average ¾ to 1 ¾ lbs. (we have seen 3 pounders caught).  Bass average 3 ½ to 4 lbs. and are 17" or longer.  Bluegill average ¾ lb.

Q.  Do you have maid service/housekeeping?

A.  Yes, we do have a housekeeping staff that will freshen your room, however they are not responsible for washing dishes.

Q.  How much deposit is required?

A.  Fishing deposits required on 3 - 4 day packages are $150 per person, 7 day packages require $250 per person.  Hunting packages require $250 per person.  During the off season, room-only reservations require first night plus tax per room, prices vary.

Q.  Can I pay my deposit with a credit/debit card?

A.  Deposits can be paid with credit card, check or money order withing two weeks of the day they are phoned in (not two weeks of the reservation date).

Q.  If I can't make it or the weather turns bad can I get a refund on my deposit?

A.  It is a firm company policy that once a deposit is processed it is non-refundable.

Q.  What is the meal plan and how does it work?

 A.  The meal plan is a great way to save money on you food while here at Blue Bank, it is available during March, April, and May. It is $125 and includes 3 meals a day which consist of a buffet breakfast, with lunch and dinner being ordered off the menu. It must be eaten at the resort and does not include appetizers, beer, or desserts. If you miss a meal it can not be substituted for any of these or an extra meal.